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Nebraska Border Collie Rescue is not a facility open to the public.  The rescue dogs are fostered at individuals' homes, therefore appointments must be made in advance and only AFTER the application and approval process have been completed.
This page was last updated on: January 31, 2012
If you have ever thought of donating to NBCR now would be the time to do it. These dogs are going to need a lot of vetting and care. Many had ticks and fleas, and some may be heartworm positive requiring treatment. Almost all of the dogs will need some amount of rehabilitation and socialization to learn how to live inside (they had been running and living outside) and how to live with people. All of this in addition to regular veterinary care and spaying/neutering.This will be a long process for some of the dogs. Any donations we receive will be shared with another BC rescue that is taking some of the dogs.

Thank you for your support! We will be updating this page with photos and information as it becomes available. Scroll down for updates, photos and more information. (all photos taken w/out flash, as to not frighten the dogs)

News from the Nebraska Humane Society . . .
Early Wednesday (7/1) morning a weary trio pulled into Omaha with precious cargo.  Twenty-five border collies and border collie mixes had made the 10 hour trip from outside Oklahoma City.  Earlier this week their owner had been placed in assisted living, leaving nearly 120 dogs with no one to care for them. The local authorities put out the call for help, but summertime is a busy time and many shelters in the area are at capacity. NHS is no exception, but we had room in our overflow kennels and we knew we needed to help.

The dogs have been living outside so they are terrified of leashes, uncomfortable in kennels and most happy when other dogs are around. We tucked them into their cool kennels with comfy bedding and soft music and they are resting after leaving the only home they’ve ever known.  It will take time, TLC, and resources to care for them while we work to acclimate them to living in a home. But we couldn’t turn our backs on these dogs. They deserve the chance that we can give them. 
Border Collies Rescued in Oklahoma
July 2009
Nebraska Border Collie Rescue, Inc. was contacted by an official in Oklahoma. About 80 BCs had been abandoned when their owner had to go into assisted living. NBCR put the official in touch with Nebraska Humane Society and NHS was able to save 25 of these dogs and bring them to Omaha to be cared for and rehabilitated. The final count of abandoned BCs was 120.

NBCR is going to help NHS by taking some of these dogs into our rescue. Our volunteers are already going to the shelter and working with the dogs trying to speed up their rehabilitation. The NHS staff are taking excellent care of the dogs. 

Photos : For photos of the dogs' 1st day at NHS, visit Nebraska Humane Society's website HERE
Photos : July 4th 2009 (4th day at NHS)
The dogs are settling in nicely and some of them are starting to come out of their shells. NBCR volunteers are going up to NHS and working with the dogs, sitting with them, talking to them, petting and handing out treats. All of the dogs seem to have nice temperaments, although some are still quite frightened from the big changes in their lives in the last week. The dogs have not been formally temperament tested as they are being allowed to settle in first. These dogs will need allot of time to adjust to their new lives and to live inside with humans near them. They seem to really appreciate the cozy kennels and consistent source of food and water!
Photos : July 2nd 2009 (2nd day at NHS)
Photos : July 5th 2009 (5th day at NHS)
The dogs are doing well. Many are still frightened, BUT several of the dogs are coming up to us for attention and pets! We are really pleased with their progress in such a short time. They sure are enjoying the ready supply of food and water, and the cozy blankets that NHS set them up with! In this calm environment, they are starting to come out of their shells.

Update : July 7th 2009
"The dogs were neglected, not abused. It's the difference between weeks or months in foster homes and days in foster homes", NBCR President Karen Battreall stated today to Channel 6 News.

The dogs are doing better than we expected! They are really warming up to people and most of them are starting to really enjoy seeing and being near people. NBCR took two of the dogs from Nebraska Humane Society yesterday, these dogs will now be in foster homes. NBCR plans to take in several more of the dogs as room opens up in foster homes. These dogs are not currently avaliable for adoption. We will continue to work with these dogs and help them adapt to living inside. More updates will follow . . .

Here are some photos from July 7th . . .

Update : July 10th 2009
We have now taken four of the Oklahoma BCs into NBCR so far. The dogs are in foster homes and will be able to continue to improve socially, as they learn how to live indoors. These dogs are not currently avaliable for adoption, however a couple of them should be soon.

Read more about the four dogs on the NOT YET AVALIABLE page HERE


December 11, 2009 - All of the OK border collies are now in NBCR foster homes or up for adoption at Nebraska Humane Society(most have been adopted). Right now NBCR has Kyna, Annie (Annora2), Maida, Kerry, Gay & Kenna up for adoption. All of these sweet girls are "OK dogs" :) Jana (another OK dog) recently came into NBCR as well. Oisin (aka Buddy), Sally, and Isleen are OK dogs not yet avalable for adoption, but they are improving every day. We are really proud of how well all of the "OK dogs" are doing - in foster care and in their forever homes. They are truly wonderful dogs.  A big thank you to all of the great NHS volunteers who worked so long with these dogs to help get them to where they are today. It will still take time, in their dedicated foster homes, for some of these dogs to become as comfortable as possible in a home environment, but they are making great strides.

September 7, 2009 - The last 19 Oklahoma Border Collies are settled in at NHS. Many of these dogs are more frightened than the original group of 25 dogs that came up. We have taken 4 of the dogs into NBCR so far. NHS and NBCR volunteers are working with the dogs who are up at NHS.

Click HERE to visit the NBCR dogs Not Yet Avaliable for adoption.
Click HERE to view the Avaliable Dogs page, where several of the OK dogs are currently avaliable for adoption.

August 23, 2009 - The Nebraska Humane Society has just brought the last 19 dogs up to Omaha from Oklahoma. These dogs are just settling in just as the last group did. NBCR and NHS volunteers are already working with the dogs to socialize them. We were very pleased with the last group of 25 dogs (most of which have been adopted), their temperments are excellent! They were rehabilitated in much less time than we originally predicted and all of them are doing well. NBCR will be taking several of the dogs who recently came up from OK. 
July 25, 2009 - NBCR has just taken in the last two of the Oklahoma dogs from Nebraska Humane Soceity! NBCR has 6 of the "OK dogs" in rescue. The rest of the dogs have been, or will be, adopted out by Nebraska Humane Society. This group of dogs is doing remarkably well (better than anyone thought they would!) and they all have great temperments

A big thank you to everyone who has sent in donations to help these dogs, it is very much appriciated. Help with on-going care for the dogs is still needed.
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