About NBCR, Inc.
This page was last updated: December 2, 2013
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Nebraska Border Collie Rescue, Inc. was started in 1999 by Nickie Vanek because she saw many Border Collies being abandoned and ending up in shelters. Nickie also started the Nebraska Rescuers list.

NBCR is run by a small group of volunteers, all of whom help in BIG ways... we foster, train, socialize, transport, visit shelters, provide veterinary care, educate the public on responsible dog ownership and the characteristics and needs of Border Collies, take pictures to keep website updated, make phone calls, do home visits, etc.

NBCR works hard to place adoptable dogs into appropriate forever homes, making the best match possible between the dog and the adopter(s). All border collies in our care receive full veterinary care, including spay/neuter, vaccinations, heartworm testing and preventative. We groom each dog, begin initial obedience training, provide herding tests for some dogs, evaluate for activity level & temperments, socialize and provide a loving environment to nuture their needs.

All of these dogs deserve a second chance at life. If you would like to help but can't adopt at this time there are many ways to help our rescue efforts. E-mail Karen to find out how you can help. Visit the How You Can Help page for more information.

We are also in need of volunteers for foster and transports. If you would like a volunteer application, or would like to donate other dog-related items; food, toys, blankets, etc., please e-mail Karen.
Karen Battreall - President
Has been involved in dogs for well over 50 years - Breeding, training, competing and rescuing.

Jessica Norman - Vice President
Jessica has been volunteering with NBCR since 2001. She owns a BC named Kyla. Jessica loves teaching Kyla new things and Kyla loves learning. She and Kyla also train and compete in agility, and have a great time doing so.

Francie Klukowski - Secretary
"We adopted from NBCR back in 2008, and became foster parents in 2012.  We have two border collies, and a cat who thinks she's at least as smart as any dog; so we have a lot of fun getting to know our fosters pups.  Sometimes all three dogs and cat are lined up for morning training fun!  We enjoy working with all animals, and try to help out wherever we can."

Rich Pollard- Treasurer
"I retired in 2008.  My goal in retirement was to aid and enrich the lives of dogs.  I currently own 5 dogs: Laurie (Border Collie), Maverick (Sheltie), Peyton (Miniature Sheltie), Sophie (Miniature Sheltie), and Kylie (Miniature Sheltie)."
"As a volunteer with the Nebraska Border Collie Rescue I foster dogs, do transports and try to make myself available as needed for other projects.  I also volunteer with the Nebraska Humane Society.  I go to NHS early in the morning to walk dogs and occasionally have the opportunity to work with “behavior” dogs.  I also foster dogs and do transports for NHS.  In addition to Border Collie Rescue and NHS, I do transports for any organization that needs to move dogs to a rescue or foster home."

Meet Our Officers
Meet NBCR's Board of Directors
Mike Nelson
"I have been with NBCR since 2003 when I adopted my first border collie, after that I felt the need to do more for these dogs and I enjoy the company of the people in our rescue and are grateful for the awesome job that they do and the commitment they share. I live in Des Moines Iowa and currently serve on the Board of Directors, helping with transports and foster, I also do the microchipping for the rescue dogs when I come to Omaha for meetings and some of events but I also help with fundraisers like trivia night. We have two border collies (Brett) and (Hagan) both getting in their senior years, I have registered NBCR to attend an event in October here in Des Moines at the state fairgrounds called The Great Iowa Pet Expo, we've done that twice since 2008 and have plans to make this a yearly event for our rescue."

Mary Schott

Julie Shurigar

Sandy Tracy

Kathy Trimble
Our dedicated foster homes and volunteers give the dogs everything they've got! They take dogs into their own homes and rehabilitate, socialize, train, and most importantly love, the dogs. NBCR could not function without all of it's dedicated foster parents.

All of our volunteers contribute in a big way. Volunteers go to events and parades, meet people. educate the public about Border Collies and dog ownership, take photos of the dogs (for the website), take dogs for walks, groom the rescue dogs, compile the newsletter, update the website, and SO MUCH MORE!
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Our Dedicated Foster Homes & Volunteers