(467) Glasny is a 2 year old blue smooth purebred
(http://www.gis.net/~shepdog/BC_Museum/Permanent/BCColors_Blue/BC_ColorBlue.html) male border collie.  Glasny loves people, gets along with other dogs, gives kisses.  He loves to play outside and is very curious. Glasny has food allergies and needs to be on a corn free dog food.  Glasny is house broken, and je has taken a beginners obedience class.  He knows sit, shake, down, stand, leave it and around.   This is a moderate to high energy dog that would love a family that would take him for walks and play with him in the yard.

UPDATE November 2011

Glasny has been with us 4 months and has improved greatly.  He absolutely LOVES kids of all ages, especially 13 year old girls.  He is gentle and sweet. Glasny has a way of making the most unsocial dog social, he will play with everyone. He does tend to come on strong at first meeting so needs to be watched when meeting a dog.  He loves meeting new dogs, within a hour he has them running and playing in the back yard. He also loves all other animals I have introduced him to, except the poor bird he brought me the other day. 

His coat looks great now that he is on a no corn dog food. The food is easy to find at Petco or Petsmart,and is very reasonably priced.

When he gets excited he will pace some but with redirection he stops right away. I think Glasny would make a great therapy dog or even just a wonderful family pet. He may even do well in agility. Glasny is a very eager learner!

Please contact Karen if you are interested in Glasny.

Bio Updated: 11/27/11
Photos Updated: 11/20/2011